Stretch Zone

Stretch Practitioner


bloomfield hills, MI


Full Time

Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals


$20 to $25 Hourly (plus commission)

Employment Type

Are you a personal trainer, massage therapist, or another type of body worker who wants to take your industry by storm? We are introducing a new modality in health, fitness, and eventually the world! Learn the latest techniques that are revitalizing the health, fitness, and physical therapy industries. We currently have over 30 locations throughout the eastern US and are still growing. Full and part time positions are available. Qualified applicants will receive training as part of our protocol program. Salary, plus commission is available.

About Stretch Zone:

Stretch Zone Is the world's leading source and educator for todays advanced practitioner-assisted stretching, Build to provide performance enhancement modalities for health practitioners, massage therapists, trainers and athletes alike. The Stretch Zone Method is a proven course of innovative stretching techniques. Stretch Zone is a proven, proprietary system of practitioner assisted stretching used by sports athletes', celebrities, and the general public to enhance their training regiments and all over flexibility! 

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